The Masterpiece

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“No way mate, I ain’t trimming down perfection”

Was the reaction I got when I asked Tres resident Rohm to send me a 30 minute clip of his latest mix.

“It’s a journey that has to been seen through from start to finish”

I’m not gonna argue, he might know karate (I haven’t asked him if he knows karate yet, probably should have by now…) So here it is, in it’s full unaltered glory, enjoy!



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‘Swim’ by Caribou might just be one of the most beautifully crafted albums I’ve ever heard. It’s pretty much close to perfection. In fact, up until about a week ago, I would have said it was perfection. That was before I heard the Midland remix of ‘Sun’. I think it’s better than the original. Honestly, Midland has managed to improve on perfection. He’s a fucking genius.

The man has been around for a while, most of his early work manifesting itself as high-tempo DnB, but recently he seems to have hit upon the magic formula. Straddling the line somewhere between deep house and future bass (I didn’t even know there was a line there), Midland’s sound seems almost defining, like it could produce an offshoot genre of it’s own. What is for sure is that we’re likely to hear a lot more from him soon, which is definitely a good thing. Trust me.

Midland SoundCloud – Midland MySpace

Rohm’s Tres Good Mix for October

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Tres Good’s newest resident brings you a slice of what’s good in October, via the magic of Soundcloud:
Tres Good October Mix – Rohm by Tres Good

Expect some regular musings from Rohm once he works out how to sign up to WordPress…

An Update…

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…. we haven’t had many of those recently! But you should know that we’ll be gearing back up in the coming weeks so keep them peepers open!



WHP 2010

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So the line-up dropped this morning. Initial reaction is that they’re pushing the minimal stuff hard this year. Whilst it doesn’t really float my boat, minimal has had a good year popularity wise, so it’s probably a shrewd decision by WHP. Especially as they’ve got most of the big hitters: Hawtin, Magda, Villalobos, Loco Dice and of course, Sven Vath.

Which nights have us salivating down at Tres Good Towers then? Definately the Boys Noize/Fake Blood combo on October 1st. I recall seeing Boys Noize at the first Warehouse Project, before I knew who they really were, and playing in a band format. They blew me away. And Fake Blood never dissapoints (except when he doesn’t turn up…)

Then,  what I think may be the booking coup of the year; MF Doom on October 13th. It’s one of the more expensive nights (£22.50 advance) but will definitely be one to remember. Trust me, the Hoya:Hoya boys know how to throw a party! Interestingly, the gig is on a Wednesday night, a first for the WHP. Sources tell me that the Warehouse team can now disassemble the whole set before the venue re-opens as a car park in the morning. Quite a feat!

Next up, one of the biggest acts of next year (Prediction!), Magnetic Man on October 29th. If you’ve heard anything by Skream, Benga or Artwork, or their new single “I Need Air” then you’ll already know why we’re preparing our bass faces for this one! Add to that the genre defining sounds of Dubstep originators Digital Mystikz, a couple of new stalwarts of the sound in Joker and Joy Orbison, as well as the mind tangling experimental sounds of Flying Lotus and Ullum:Sphere, and you get another scene (even world) leading line-up from the Hoya:Hoya crew.

Band wise, October 30th offers enough Indie Electro fuzz beats to keep all but the most insane biker gang mosh pit moving. Manchester break throughs Delphic lead the charge, along side city contemporaries The Whip (always a highlight) with Fenech Soler riding shotgun. DJ sets from Foals and Jamie XX (of The XX) round up what should be a tinitus inducing night of sweaty sexness (new word, start using it!).

The French invade Manchester on November 27th bringing with them a smorgasbord of distorted bass guitars and heavy snare delay. Headed up by the disco influenced sounds of Vitalic, with Ed Banger artists DJ Mehdi and Busy P providing a touch of French House. Manchester ‘boy done good’ Riton also makes an appearance alongside Mehdi in what promises to be a heady night of bass licks and sexy chicks. Don’t miss this one without good reason!

Finally, in what promises to be a personal highlight, Modeselektor inflict their pulsating, head screwing, body moving German Techno madness on the assembled masses. Don’t be put off by he term ‘German Techno’, it’s come a long way since the psycho gabba of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Modeselektor rocked my world at last year’s WHP, it was honestly one of the greatest live performances I have ever witnessed, definitely top 2! Interestingly they’re bringing their band like collaboration with Apparat (known as Moderat. Genius!) to this year’s party. Tres Good will definitley be there!

You can see the full line-up here. And apologies for the essay. Congrats if you made it through!

Flux Pavillion – Hold Me Close

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I’m sorry Vent, you’ve got a lot of work on your hands. You guys have to bring breaks back. The rise of dubstep and the whole blog house scene have conspired to bury you. They hold the limelight. But Vent, you lead the breaks charge. This is a good start… This is a fucking good start:

DJ Fresh – Gold Dust (Vent Remix) [192k]

(Courtesy of Feral Party Kids)

Vent – Myspace